Monday, November 26, 2007

It's Been a While Friends

I'm ashamed to admit I fell off the bandwagon with this whole blogging thing. These pictures of my cat illustrate how I've been feeling. She likes to hide from the world, every time I put new sheets on my bed, my cat jumps up and gets in the way, either she is doing a silent protest against my sheets and comforter or like me, she appreciates the opportunity to block out the world and it's craziness. I tend to freak out around this time each year because I'm an elementary music teacher and I feel overwhelmed with planning Holiday Concerts and the busy schedule that comes with the month of December. I like Christmas but not the stress that accompanies it. If we took away all the stressful parts of Christmas and brought it back to its original intent I think it would be more enjoyable, but life is also what you make it so this year I'm gonna try and chill out a little more.

I'm a big believer in if you verbalize something or write it down it's much more likely to happen so let me tell you my goals for this week and feel free to check up on me or remind me in the comments section.

  1. Finish reading "Your Money Counts" by Howard Dayton for Crown Financial Small Group and complete the rest of my homework for that class
  2. Buy Christmas Presents online
  3. Do my Christmas Cards so I can chill out and not stress about it
  4. Take some boxes of clothes that have been in my room for over a month to the Goodwill
  5. Watch Project Runway on Wednesday and Samantha Who? on Monday night and THAT'S IT! TV is a trap and I'm trying not to get stuck in it.
  6. Listen to 7 Habits of Highly effective people in the car (I have an hour and a half commute each day I should make better use of it)

If I accomplish all that, I will be pretty ecstatic. I may have to give myself a little treat like a manicure!


Here's wishing everyone has an awesome week and keep in touch!




The Future Mrs. C said...

Hello Love :)

Panera sounds wonderful... but this week is bad. Class tomorrow night; Picking out tuxes Thursday night; Dinner plans Friday night... but maybe Saturday-ish? Let me know if lunch will work for you. I know I have another paper to write... but oh well! I'll find time to work on it. :)

Glad you like the beginnings of my blog!

Hope your week hasn't been too crazy.


The Lourceys said...

Melody, I don't know if I commented the last time you wrote about Crown Financial but I've heard wonderful things about it and would love for Rob and I to do it ourselves. You and Harmony are welcome anytime! Rob is finished with school on the 13th and we don't leave for FL until the 22nd. We also get back up here on the 28th and don't have to be back to work or school until after the 1st. Whenever you guys want will be fine with us, we just want to see you! Love.

Michele Sheedy said...

Don't worry Muhdy, everyone feels that way. Wait until you have neighbors on either side and you find yourself looking out the door the day after Thanksgiving to see who got their lights put up already!!

I've been online 4 times and each thing I want for the kids is back ordered 2-6 weeks. As in maybe it'll be here, maybe it won't. Stress.

Enjoyed having church with your dad. Good stuff. I'll eat some doritos tonight for you and Jen since the snow is keeping you away. Hugs...

Sarah said...

Ha! I found you! Hope you're doing well my dear. Rob and I just put up my Christmas tree and I was thinking about you being here a few years ago doing just that!

Sarah said...

Oooh, I'm so addicted to Project Runway. I didn't know anyone else who watches it until you! Let's keep in touch and talk about how we wish we could make our own clothes, k?