Monday, November 12, 2007

This Better Work!


Today my niece Joy looked so cute, I thought I have to put this on my blog! The only problem was I had to figure out how. After 2 and a half hours I finally figured it out. Windows Vista causes a lot of problems when you are trying to install something and I realized I should multitask when I work on my blog because my computer is so slow. Anyway, below are 6 pics I thought were blog worthy. Enjoy!

My cat

"Kitty Poo Poo Head"

(seriously that's her name :)

Pictures from a day trip my mom and I took on a train through Maryland

Will earning brownie points feeding Keira (my friend's kids)

A picture I took outside of my house, I love where I live

Joy sittin' pretty, we stuck her in a box to see what she would do. She liked it!


The Lourceys said...

I'm so glad you're blogging! Now we can keep in touch so much easier. And I love Lisa Loeb! Her song was playing on your blog when I opened it up. I cannot believe how big Joy is. Maybe you girls should take a trip down here sometime. It's not really that far. Love.

Michele Sheedy said...

You go girl!! Love the direction you're headed in - blogwise and other! Thanks for the comment on mine. I forgot you could do that. My first ever comment, wow. Enjoy Project Runway, come over if you get the urge. I think jen is. We have DORITOS! Hugs.

relying on God said...

i love that picture of the tree and of course of joy! You rock!

Melissa said...

Melodia Mia! I'm so proud of you and your endeavours. I am also very excited to read up on you in the future postings. Who knows, maybe I'll get a personal account if I can just commit myself to something for longer than 1.24 weeks. Love you.