Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can I go to hell for blog envy?

Hello World! Just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive and although I am HORRIBLE at keeping up with my own blog, I love looking at everyone else's when I get a chance. For family out there, I do peek in on each and every one of you when I get a chance and that goes for friends as well that I know have a blog. So if you are out there and I don't know about your blog, fill me in. Also, here are a few blogs that my sister Harmony has filled me in on and I'm totally hooked. Thanks for enlightening me Harmony. It's getting hard for me to type because I'm usually not this nice to Harmony and I don't like her telling me about cool things I like it the other way around but what the heck, their just too good! (just won for best webblog at the Bloggie awards) (super human mom) (lives in the next town and nice to know cool people aren't far away)


relying on God said...

awe! i feel loved.

relying on God said...

You do love each other. :) Mom

Jenn H said...

Hey! She lives! Glad to see you updated...the pioneer woman site is fabulousness I've had recommended by several other people. It really is awesome! Love you, chick ~
~ Jenn

deb mills said...

what a pleasant surprise! i had almost given up on you (just in the blogging sense). love your picture!