Sunday, March 23, 2008

Who knew?

What a time of discovery I've had the past few weeks. I think it all started with the Crown Financial class I took a few months ago about being a good steward of everything God has entrusted me with and I've just ran with that concept. I'm trying to be a good steward of my time, money, food, possessions, relationships, it just encompasses anything that touches my life. It's really exciting to look at the world from this new perspective. I've made quite a few changes already and I have many more to go, it's been a lot of research, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Here's a list of what I've done so far:

1. Started recycling - reduce, reuse, recycle
2. Eating more locally - joined a CSA and buy other things like eggs and meat local as well
3. Spending more time with my Family
4. Started composting
5. Reading through the Bible in 90 days... well maybe a little longer :)
6. Buy used instead of new when at all possible
7. Hanging clothes on the line instead of the dryer

It's been challenging to find new ways to do things, but also rewarding. I feel like I'm connecting the dots when I do things with thought behind them. In our "I want it now" way of life it has a way of passing you buy without realizing it and it has been refreshing to get the root and/or natural way of doing things. Anway, I'm blabbering, of course I always try to do everything I've mentioned (but I'm not perfect by any means). I realize that this will have to be a gradually lifestyle change but I will definitely enjoy learning a little bit more each day.

Here are some pics my sister took today including one of my fabulous new galoshes! (yes new, I had a moment of weakness)


Jenn H said...

Wow! Your sister definitely has a talent for photography.

It's neat to see you explore a simpler way of life; it encourages me to do the same and keep up what I already try to do.

I also enjoy reading your blog, because it gives us all a glimpse of what's zooming through your brain ~ you are usually running about 900 miles an hour! : ) Thanks for coming to a (very late) Easter dinner ~ we love you, girl!

relying on God said...

melody, you rock! I'm loving watching this transformation take shape in you. love you!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Melody!
I always enjoy reading your thoughts - thanks for sharing! Like you, I often think some of these same things and have tried to simplify my life and to be a better steward of all that God has provided. I wanted to pass along this website. Some friends of ours in FL were convicted that as believers we often care less about the world God created than most unbelievers so they started a nonprofit awareness organization.
The "chico bags" in their store are amazing... I use mine all the time!

Elizabeth said...

Another thought... your galoshes are SO FUN! And Harmony's pictures are always amazing!