Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Getting to Know you

It's so cheesy but that song from "The King and I" is running through my head. So sorry it's been a while since I blogged, life is moving too fast. I'm moving (not very far to a cottage behind my parents main house) and I have spring concerts happening (6 to be exact) and it's just not letting up for a while yet. I should be a little calmer around June 4th last day of school (yeah!!). I thought it was really cool to find out things about my cousins through this little quiz and I wasn't really invited to join but I'm going to bust my way out into the fun anyway.

10 Years ago I was:
in 11th grade dating a college guy and thinking I was too cool for school

5 years ago I was:
In college at Evangel University in Springfield, MO having the time of my life. (but believe me I'm paying for it now, literally)

1 year ago I was:
About to finish my first year of teaching elementary music and praying to God every day that I would make it just a few more weeks to the end of school. (I was way too nice to kids then)

5 things on my to do list today:
1. teach piano lessons after school
2. clean up at the old house
3. move some more into my new place
4. Hang out with the cutest little baby in the world (Symphony and Joy are visiting)
5. Get ready for spring concerts by cutting out cardboard cookies, making a pretend pet shop for the stage and finding frog decorations (different concerts, different schools - otherwise would look very silly together)

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. pickles
2. chipotle chips and and salsa
3. Hershey's chocolate (kisses, bar, reeses, etc.)
4. starbucks frap (java chip no whip :)
5. breyer's vanilla ice cream (walnuts and hershey's syrup)

If I were a billionaire:
1. Tithe 10%
2. I would pay off my debts and my immediate family's
3. Buy a farmette (MD) and a beach house on a secluded part of the Gulf
4. Go off the grid by providing all my own energy and food needs
5. Invest my money and enjoy a philanthropic lifestyle

5 places I've lived:
1. Lakeland, FL
2. Quantico, VA
3. Jacksonville, FL
4. Hagerstown, MD
5. Springfield, MO

5 Jobs I've had:
1. Mail Processor
2. Nanny (twice)
3. Intern at Springfield Regional Arts Council
4. Assistant to the Director of Authentic Community Theatre
5. Elementary Music Teacher Band/General

5 people I would like to know better:
1. Elizabeth
2. Ashleigh
3. April
4. Emily
5. Joel

That's all folks.


The Lourceys said...

You were so invited to join when April and I both tagged you! So, since I lost my job I might have the summer off. We should definitely plan to do something.

Elizabeth said...

I'm SO glad you shared... and I thought the same thing as Em... I remembered seeing your name on their list and thinking "I hope she shares!" The only reason I didn't make a list of people I wanted to know more about is because I didn't want anyone to feel obligated...and because I usually never respond to stuff like this. :) Your to-do list makes me smile! I so wish I didn't have to work and that our weekends were free and I could come visit!!! I'm SO loving your "go-off the grid" idea - I would SO join you!! Harmony, you, and I seem like peas in a pod.

Elizabeth said...

Hey! I don't have your email address... could you send it to me? My email is on my profile if you click on my name. Thanks!

Julie Bungard said...

So, who's Joel?